Present Me Event - June 2017

We are holding our Present Me Event giveaway again. This time we are giving away our event service. Our event services includes event planning, event maangement, event co-ordination and emceeing. For a full list of what services we offer, please view it in our website by clicking on this link :https://myleenterprise.com/event-services/

Please note that our event service giveaway DOES NOT include items and materials for the event and also does not include additional manpower, supplier or crew. The service itself costs us time, energy and resources to carry out which is equivalent to money. There are many times that people forget that service costs money. Service could be in the form of management, consultancy and basically work that is carried out in action form. Take for example if you need us to source for event contractors or performers for your event. The action of us looking for these people will involve us looking up our contacts in our database or searching for new ones, then we will contact them to find out about their packages, pricing and availability. After that we need to get back to you and if there's a need, to set up a review of their services or meeting between both parties. Then on the event day to ensure they are there to carry out their job. Thereafter, request for payments and make necessary payments. All these require time and energy, which in business, equals to money. We also have bills to pay like telephone bills (contacting people also requires calling or texting people, you know) and if you have to drive to the event venue to meet, then it requires transportation fees and all (you can try to walk but not all events are set within walking distance). If you have a place you're renting for business and people hired in your team, then you have even more costs to factor in for your business. These are the parts people don't see in a business and they sometimes take for granted that services should be free. In actual fact, everything costs in a business.

So, we are giving you the chance to claim this free event service giveaway we are doing for this round. If there are more than 1 participant, we will choose a lucky winner for this giveaway.

- This giveaway is open to only those 21 years old and above.
- You must be subscribed to our updates or you are already in our database.
- The event service we are giving away is applicable to adult social events. Adult social events does not mean those with adult porno elements (we have been questioned before a few times on this) but it just basically means that the event allows adults to socialise with each other.
- The giveaway does not include items, materials and additional manpower like suppliers/contractors/crews.
- The giveaway is applicable only in Penang island. If it's out of Penang island, transportation charges will apply.
- We will carry out a discussion with you prior to confirming the type of event service we will be giving to you for this giveaway. As the giveaway is 1 x Event Service, if you require more than 1 type of service, it can incur charges. We will be upfront with you on this and prefer to have everything set out clearly before we begin the event service. We would like to provide the best service possible and avoid any miscommunication, so we believe that communication is vital between all parties involved.
- You agree to be featured in all our promotion and marketing materials, which might include the photography and filming of your event (or part of it).

Jun 30 - Jul 29, 2017
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
12:30 PM - 11:59 PM MYT
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Present Me Event
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